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Young Belarus

Young Belarus

53' 2022
dir.: Łukasz Ruciński, Patryk Szczepaniak

Traumatic memories of repression, struggle with the system and a longing for an ordinary life. After fleeing the country, young Belarusians seek their place in the world.

Young Belarusians, forced to emigrate after the brutal stifling of anti-government protests in autumn 2020, are not giving up. Just like the protagonist of the film, NEXTA television anchor Andrei, who fled the country and is trying to find his place in a new Polish reality. But straddling two identities is difficult. Andrei's life is, on the one hand, hip hop, tattoos and parties and, on the other, nostalgia, a sense of hopelessness and increasingly bad news from Belarus, which he broadcasts on the air every day. Will a generation of young people, so powerfully affected by the trauma of their crushed uprising for freedom and continued police repression, find the strength to continue their fight for democracy? How will the Russian invasion of Ukraine, in which their country is participating alongside the aggressor, change their situation? 

Konrad Wirkowski 

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53' 2022 Poland
Łukasz Ruciński, Patryk Szczepaniak
Piotr Wacowski , Artur Wierzbicki, Andrzej Starszewski, Olgierd Michalak, Andrzej Kaczmarek, Łukasz Ruciński
Tomasz Polsakiewicz
Jarosław Jabrzyk