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The Smell of Money

The Smell of Money

84' 2022
dir.: Shawn Bannon

Behind the scenes of industrial pork farming. Big money, animal suffering, a smelly problem and people forced to live in the vicinity of giant "meat factories." 

Welcome to North Carolina, a state whose residents, both people and animals, experience a hell cooked up for them by the world’s largest pork producer. The eastern half of the state is home to a largely poor African American community. This is where the Smithfield Corporation decided to (cheaply) build large pig farms. None of the locals buy the company's flagship slogan, “Good food. Responsibly." Everybody sees the hectoliters of pig excrement sprayed around the area day after day and the stench, despite closed windows, invades their homes. Polluted water and air, health problems and animal suffering force people to fight for justice. “The Smell of Money” reveals the rancid secrets of industrial pig farming - without forgetting the people who fell victim to the ruthless pursuit of profit - a pursuit that kills not only animals.

Zuzanna Połynko

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84' 2022 USA
Shawn Bannon
Shawn Bannon
Shawn Bannon
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