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My Imaginary Country

My Imaginary Country

83' 2022
dir.: Patricio Guzmán

The story of a street revolt that threw out the government and led to a constitutional change shown through the lens of a Chilean master of documentary poetry.

Patricio Guzmán, the master of the poetic documentary whose films have won prizes at the world's leading festivals for several decades, is mainly known for his works exploring Chile's contemporary turbulent history, such as the "Pearl Button" or "Longing for Light." In his latest work, which garnered a standing ovation at this year's Cannes Festival, Guzmán shows how a local protest against the 2019 increases in public transport fares turned into a nationwide mass revolt leading to fundamental social change. Guzman closely observes street clashes, he documents police brutality and analyzes the motivations of demonstrators. He pays particular attention to the key role of women in the Chilean revolt. It is thanks to them that Chile has a chance to finally break with the legacy of dictatorship. 

Konrad Wirkowski

2022 Festival de Cannes
2022 TIFF
2022 IDFA
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83' 2022 France, Chile
Patricio Guzmán
Samuel Lahu
Laurence Manheimer
Atacama Productions, ARTE France