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Fashion Reimagined

Fashion Reimagined

100' 2022
dir.: Becky Hutner

Is it possible to create a truly environmentally-friendly fashion collection that will not be an eco-scam? A British designer travels the world trying to find materials that hurt neither animals nor humans. 

Designer Amy Powney, creative director of the Mother of Pearl brand, doesn't beat around the bush - the fashion industry as we know it has nothing to do with environmental protection, respect for labor rights or animal protection. That's why, when she wins the Vogue Award for a rising British fashion designer, she decides to invest the entire amount in a real fashion industry revolution. Along with her assistant, she embarks on a journey full of surprises to find materials that required no harm to animals or humans in their production and to create a completely sustainable clothing collection. Becky Hutner's feature-length debut exposes the dark side of the garment industry while giving us hope that change is possible. Especially when you have some courage and tenacity up your sleeve. But is the fashion world ready for it?

Zuzanna Połynko

2022 Tribeca Film Festival
2022 Sheffield Doc/Fest
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100' 2022 United Kingdom, USA
Becky Hutner
Daniel Götz
Becky Hutner, Sam Rogers
Duck Productions, Cedar Creek Productions, Sustainable Films