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Zo Reken

Zo Reken

86' 2021
dir.: Emanuel Licha

How much can you see through a car window? The white SUV as the new symbol of white domination in Haiti's humanitarian addiction.  

Zo Reken is shark cartilage tincture - a local potency-enhancing drug in Haiti – as well as a white Toyota Land Cruiser SUV. Westerners move about the countries of the Global South using these cars - reliable and recognizable from afar. In Haiti, white SUVs are associated with the waste and failure of a major humanitarian aid operation from a decade ago. The idea to shoot a movie inside the car here seemed risky. And yet it turns out that you can see quite a lot through the Land Cruiser windows, especially if you have the right passengers. A whole gallery of characters scrolls in front of the camera: local artists, scientists and activists - but also random passers-by. The city is in complete chaos: the streets are practically impassable as blockades, barricades and demonstrations multiply. The heavy smell of catastrophe hangs in the air.

Konrad Wirkowski

2021 Hot Docs (Best Canadian Feature Award)
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