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The Caviar Connection

The Caviar Connection

104' 2021
dir.: Benoit Bringer

How the Azerbaijani dictatorship, by means of corruption and propaganda, creates the illusion of "a country like any other" for consumption by the West. 

Dictator Ilham Aliyev has ruled Azerbaijan for nearly 20 years through ruthless elimination of political opponents, suppression of freedom of speech and other human rights violations. Meanwhile, he also fashions the façade of a modern, rapidly developing country, which organizes exciting sporting events, all for consumption by the rest of the world. The filmmakers reach out to witnesses, revealing the secrets of a caviar connection between corruption and expensive PR strategies that provide the Azerbaijani dictator access to other halls of power. They mercilessly expose European politicians corrupted by Azerbaijani services, financial scams and pop stars used by the regime to improve its image. But Bringer's film also has other heroes - dissidents and journalists who show extraordinary courage in the fight against the dictatorship. Like investigative journalist Khadija Ismayilova, who in the fight for a better future for her country refuses to bow to threats of lengthy imprisonment or moral blackmail by secret services.

Konrad Wirkowski


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2021 Raindance FF

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104' 2021 France
Benoit Bringer
Mathias Denizo, Christophe Astruc, Christophe Barreyre
Nils Montel
Forbidden Films, Arte France, Unité Documentaries
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10 dec, 09:00 – 19 dec