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Our Defeats

Our Defeats

95' 2019
dir.: Jean-Gabriel Périot

Do the leftist ideals of the 1960s still mean anything to today's young people? A group of students recreates excerpts from politically engaged films.  

Continuing the series initiated by "A German Youth" analyzing the West European left, Jean-Gabriel Périot takes on the Parisian ideals of March '68. Does today's French youth find any point of reference in leftist flagship slogans from fifty years ago? And is there any room for that sensitivity in today's world, or does it seem to relate to obsolete utopias? "Our Defeats" is a record of an extraordinary documentary experiment in which the director asks students to reenact scenes from now classic new wave films by Godard and Marker. The once subversive manifestos sound strange in the mouths of millennials raised on hip-hop and social media. What do terms such as "trade unions" and "revolution" mean to them?

Konrad Wirkowski


2013 Clermont-Ferrand (Special Mention)

2012 Visions du Réel (Best Short Film)

2012, 2014 DOK Leipzig

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95' 2019 France
Jean-Gabriel Périot
Manon Fourneyron, Sophonie Ngokani Belkie
Jean-Gabriel Périot
Envie de Tempęte Productions