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Article 293

Article 293

26' 2021
dir.: Jan Bluz

Belarusian refugees. What happened to the heroes of last year's Minsk demonstrations who fled the country when faced with repression? 

In his latest film, Jan Bluz (18th WATCH DOCS Audience Award for "The Underground of Hope") presents shocking testimonies of Belarusians living in Poland, who fell victim to repression in connection with participation in peaceful protests after the 2020 rigged presidential elections in Belarus. The protagonists are ordinary citizens, often previously uninterested in politics, who experienced unprecedented brutality by state militia. Their traumatic memories were also recorded in the form of recordings from surveillance cameras and mobile phones - from the prison yard, from the supermarket and from Minsk streets.  

Tadeusz Strączek 

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10 dec, 09:00 – 19 dec