CHILDREN'S WORKSHOPS (10-13 years): Let's talk! A workshop on language sensitivity

A free workshop:' Let's talk! A workshop on language sensitivity" for children aged 10-13 will be held in the basement of the Labyrinth Gallery. To sign up, please fill in the form available here.

A few words about the workshop from the tutor, Jola Prochowicz, below:

"During the workshop we will think about how the way we talk shapes reality. We will practice sensitive communication, also in its intercultural aspect. The workshop will be conducted using communication games and thought experiments. Its aim is to strengthen communication competence and to develop attentiveness to possible grounds for discrimination."


Jola Prochowicz - trainer in anti-discrimination, intercultural communication and inclusive language. A lecturer and teacher of philosophy and ethics. She cooperates with the Polish Red Cross, Batory Foundation, the University of Szczecin, and the Labyrinth Gallery, among others, as a trainer and expert; a philosopher, feminist and social activist.