Online discussion: The European Green Deal and its consequences for Poland

Online discussion: The European Green Deal and its consequences for Poland

26.11.2021, 18:00, online

We don't need another shock but a just transition. Will the European Green Deal prove to be such an answer to the changes demanded of us in tackling the climate crisis? Or is the right wing, which reacts to the Community's grand plan with accusations that rich Western countries will green-collar less wealthy economies, right? Magdalena Biejat, a member of the Razem party, and Izabela Zygmunt, a climate expert from WiseEuropa, will talk about the real situation, what the strategy of sustainable and emission-free development of the European Union countries will change in Poland, and whether it is really as green and ambitious as Ursula von der Leyen paints it to be.  We invite you to the online debate hosted by Paulina Januszewska.

The event will be streamed live on Facebook.

The discussion is organized within the framework of the 19th WATCH DOCS Traveling Film Festival in Cieszyn and the project.


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The following will take part in the discussion:

  • Magdalena Biejat -  Polish MP, member of Parliamentary Group on Green Deal for Poland
  • Izabela Zygmunt - climate expert from WiseEuropa

The meeting will be hosted by Paulina Januszewska (Krytyka Polityczna).