Discussion: The frontier of human rights

Discussion: The frontier of human rights

We invite you to a discussion on "The frontier of human rights" with the participation of :

  • Grażyna Staniszewska
  • Ayad Salih

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The event is part of the 19th WATCH DOCS Traveling Film Festival in Bielsko-Biala and the watchdocstogether.eu project.

Photo copyrights: Robert Łukaszewicz

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  • Grażyna Staniszewska - senator in the years 1989-2004, member of the European Parliament in 2004-2009, creator of the project "Polish Family - Ukrainian Family" and the Scholarship Foundation KALYNA, responsible for the functioning of the Centre of Foreigners' Integration "myBB". Awarded with the Order of Princess Olga of the Third Degree for cooperation with Ukraine and the Order of St Stephen for actions in favour of Polish-Hungarian cooperation.  
  • Ayad Salih - born in Kurdistan, since 1985 lives in Bielsko-Biała, where he graduated from the Technical University of Łódź. In 2005, he went to Iraq with the Polish military contingent as an interpreter. There he was wounded and received the status of a war veteran. He took part in the UN peacekeeping mission.