Discussion: Mere heroism? The protests in Belarus

Discussion: Mere heroism? The protests in Belarus

We invite you to the discussion "Mere heroism? The protests in Belarus" with the participation of:

  • Olga Łaniewska
  • Marta Skuharava
  • Nikita Grekovich

The meeting will be moderated by Dr. Adam Warzecha.

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The event is part of the 19th WATCH DOCS Traveling Film Festival in Bielsko-Biala and the watchdocstogether.eu project.

The discussion is being held with the financial support of the European Union under the European Parliament's communications grant programme.

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  • Olga Łaniewska - grassroots activist, feminist, in Belarus associated with NGO Radislava, which helps women and children experiencing violence. For the last year she has been supporting families of political prisoners (looking for legal aid, organising parcels to prisons, writing letters, etc.) She has also been running support groups in Minsk for repressed people.
  • Marta Skuharava - a psychologist who for the last year has been consulting free of charge victims of violence by the authorities and working on the helpline. Until her forced emigration from Belarus she co-owned two vegan cafes, which were closed due to the repression of small and medium business in Belarus, striking in solidarity against the violence of the authorities. Currently an organiser of a support group for Belarusian women in Warsaw.
  • Nikita Grekowicz - journalist working with OKO.PRESS specialising in Belarus and Eastern Europe, co-founder of the Belarus 2020 LIVE portal. From 2019 she sits on the board of the Free Belarus Initiative Association, where she has been working as a volunteer intermittently since 2009. Graduate of the MISH University with a degree in Artes Liberales.

Moderator: Adam Warzecha, PhD (University of Silesia) - university lecturer, linguist, researcher in communication, media and discourse theory, social criticism and the borders between knowledge/authority/language. For many years, he has also been socially active in defending democracy and urban initiatives.