Strip and War

Strip and War

68' 2019
dir.: Andrej Kuciła

Anatoly lives with his grandfather, a veteran of the so-called Great Patriotic War—World War II—head of a local veterans’ organization, and a tireless promoter of Soviet-style patriotic education.

Meanwhile, Anatoly has abandoned his boring engineering job to follow his calling as a professional stripper. He also still dreams of creating a genuine erotic theater. In this brilliant observational film, one of Belarus’s most talented documentary filmmakers, Andrei Kutsila, tells the story not only of a generation gap but also of a fascinating family relationship at a crossroads. Anatoly is going to have to decide whether to stay and look after his aging grandfather or to go his own way and to fully be the person he wants to be.


2019 Hot Docs

2019 Bergen IFF

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68' 2019 Poland, Belarus
Andrej Kuciła
Andrej Kuciła, Aliaksandr Szkaruba
Andrej Kuciła
Belsat TV, Solidarity Zone, Everest
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