Little Germans

Little Germans

90' 2019
dir.: Frank Geiger, Mohammad Farokhmanesh

What’s life like for children raised from an early age on contempt for everything “foreign”? And who do these children become when they grow up?

This shocking film by Frank Geiger and Mohammad Farokhmanesh shows us the fate of children raised among German neo-fascists. Almost from birth, they are force-fed slogans about racial purity; deprived of contact with people who think differently, they are taught hatred and contempt for non-Aryans. The animations portraying how an extreme ideology is passed down from generation to generation and how dangerous it is for anyone who decides to break free are accompanied by a footage from a camera hidden in holiday camps where children are taught an ideology of blood and race. Equally terrifying in this context are interviews with leading Pegida activists, who talk about raising children and their preferred model of the German family.


2019 Berlinale

2019 CPH:DOX

2019 Visions du Réel

2019 Ji.hlava IDFF

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90' 2019 Germany, Austria
Frank Geiger, Mohammad Farokhmanesh
Marcus Winterbauer
Andrew Bird, Habiba Laout, Frank Geiger
Little Dream Entertainment, Brave New Work
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