For They Know Not What They Do

For They Know Not What They Do

87' 2019
dir.: Daniel Karslake

In June 2015, the US Supreme Court declared same-sex marriage legal. The decision evoked euphoria among human rights defenders, while a number of religious organizations had a very different reaction.

They intensified their homophobic activities, and the hate speech employed by preachers of various denominations in the United States also intensified. This historic event is the starting point for Daniel G. Karslake’s documentary. The director spoke with four families in which religion plays an important role. A child in each of the families had come out as non-heteronormative. How did their relatives react? And what happened to those who came out—Ryan, Sarah, Elliot, and Vico?


2019 Tribeca FF

2019 Frameline

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87' 2019 USA
Daniel Karslake
Amy Bronson, Douglas H. Candler
Nancy Kennedy
Daniel Karslake, Sheri Heitker, Barbara Simon
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