Arseny Roginsky. The Right To Memory

Arseny Roginsky. The Right To Memory

96' 2018
dir.: Ludmila Gordon

The Right to Memory is an intimate portrayal of one of Russia's greatest public intellectuals, historian and human rights defender, Arseny Roginsky.

Roginsky was a co-founder and long-standing leader of the Memorial Society, influential historian, former dissident and political prisoner. In an eloquent and captivating monologue, Roginsky reflects on his life and his country’s past, present, and future. One year before his death, Roginsky revealed, for the first time on film, his innermost thoughts about his birth in the Gulag, the mechanism of mass terror, the historian's duty, and why his countrymen reject the memory of the totalitarian past.


2018 Kyiv Human Rights Documentary Film Festival

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96' 2018 Russia, USA
Ludmila Gordon
Mika Altskan
Ludmila Gordon
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