83' 2018 Norway, Germany, Sweden director: Karen Winther cinematography: Peter Ask editing: Robert Stengård production: Sant & Usant

All of the protagonists in Karen Winther’s film share an extreme past: Most of them were active in neo-fascist groups in Scandinavia, Germany, and the United States. They were all involved in acts of extreme violence against people with different views or a different skin color. But they also have something else in common. Like the director, they decided to betray their former ideals and leave the ranks of their respective groups—but leaving a radical organization is not so easy. The only way is through a well-planned escape: cutting yourself off entirely from your life to that point and changing your identity. From then on, feelings of guilt for your past deeds are accompanied by constant fear for your life—and for that of your loved ones. Despite this threat, however, the film’s protagonists decided to make their stories public, so as to encourage others seeking a way out of the trap of extremism.

Muranów Cinema, (Zbyszek)
10.12 / 18:00
Kinoteka 3
12.12 / 18:30