Hungary 2018

82' 2018 Hungary, Portugal director: Eszter Hajdú cinematography: Dániel Szandtner, István Szőnyi editing: Levente Pap production: Miradouro Media LDA

In her new film, Eszter Hajdu documents the campaign leading up to the parliamentary elections in Hungary in 2018. The director devotes a great deal of attention to the efforts of the opposition politician Ferenc Gyurcsany, who tries to surround himself with opponents of Viktor Orban’s party. In this confrontation, Gyurcsany—a former prime minister whose governments went down in history for, among other things, a scandal and riots in 2009 —has no chance—all the more so since Orban’s government employs a propaganda effort of the highest order. In an attempt to scare Hungarians, images of George Soros are shown on hundreds of billboards that depict him as the main force behind a “migrant invasion.” Top politicians from the ruling camp appear at election events where they shamelessly thunder against Jews, gays, Freemasons, and EU bureaucrats conspiring to deprive Hungary of its national identity.

U-jazdowski Pracownia
6.12 / 20:00
U-jazdowski Laboratory
12.12 / 18:00