What is extremism, where does it come from and where does it lead? Documentaries dealing with human rights have been observing growing racist and nationalist societal attitudes for some time. This year, we will take an even closer look at this phenomenon. The "ORDINARY EXTREMISM" retrospective includes several high-profile films.

"Lord of the Toys" - dir. Pablo Ben Yakov. Last year, the film won Best German Full-Length Documentary film at the prestigious DOK Leipzig festival. The film documents the activities of a group of friends from Dresden who have hundreds of thousands of YouTube followers. The young people record short videos devoted mainly to drinking alcohol and crude jokes, while spouting racist allusions, insults and curses. The film opens a discussion about "patostreaming" and its impact on modern youth.

"Chris the Swiss" - dir. Anja Kofmel. The award-winning film, which premiered at last year's Cannes festival, finally reaches Warsaw audiences. Anja Kofmel tells the personal story of her cousin, a Swiss journalist who joined far-right mercenaries in the former Yugoslavia in 1992. The moving story is told in a formally interesting way, combining unique archive footage and animation.

"EXIT" - dir. Karen Winther. An extremely frank tale about former extremists who settle accounts with their past. The director, who herself belonged to such a community, combines her personal story with the experiences of others: what prompted them to join the ranks of extremists and why did they later decide to abandon them?