This year's festival will open with the world premiere of the documentary film "Flashpoint" directed by Wojtek Jankowski.

Jankowski’s "Flashpoint" is the story of Julita Wójcik’s unforgettable Rainbow art installation. The artist created her flower-covered work in the cheerful and inspiring atmosphere of the Wigry Creative Residence with countless affirmative meanings and connotations in mind. Soon, however, when the multihued and unifying gift for a fatigued populace was installed on Warsaw’s Plac Zbawiciela square, some immediately deemed it an unacceptable bequest. Unequivocally associated with the LGBT movement, the installation was burned seven times, thereby fueling even more adoration for the project among those who refused to accept the violence against the symbol. Stories of numerous other rainbows throughout Poland inspired by the original were all similarly tense. Jankowski's film shows the inseparability of the literal and metaphorical and offers up a distinctive social observation and metaphor with a rare power of expression.

The film screened during the festival's opening gala on December 5. The next showing is on Saturday, December 7 at Muranów Cinema, followed by a discussion entitled "LGBT+ in Poland: from Isolation to Solidarity." Yet another screening will take place on December 10 at the U-jazdowski Laboratory.

See all films in the LGBT+ themed section entitled "Who's Afraid of The Rainbow?


The next special screening that includes a discussion will involve the film "From Shock to Awe." This is a story about American army veterans who in their struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder find salvation in Ayahuasca, a psychoactive substance from South America. The film’s producers and one of the protagonists will be on hand in Warsaw at the WATCH DOCS festival, as will our special guest Katarzyna Malinowska-Sempruch, director of the International Drug Policy Program at the Open Society Foundation. The first discussion will take place on December 8 at the Muranów Cinema during the debate "Veteran’s Trauma. Psychedelics as Hope in Treatment;" another will follow on December 11, at the U-jazdowski Laboratory cinema, during the "Psychedelics: the Polish Perspective" debate.