The last few years have been a time of storm and pressure from extreme right-wing ideologies. At a time of informational turmoil and ubiquitous fake news, various conspiracy theories are experiencing a renaissance, most often directed against easily identified "others" – such as foreigners, Jews, and migrants. The radicalization of the views of extreme right-wing supporters is fostered by literal and metaphorical closure to any external influence, which is suggestively depicted in the film "Little Germans" by Frank Geiger and Mohammad Farokhanesh. Those who decide to join the ranks of extreme organizations rarely manage to leave them voluntarily. Neo-fascist militia activities are generally criminal and therefore losing control of group members can have serious consequences for the organizations. Therefore, people trying to break away from a radical past face tremendous obstacles as illustrated in "EXIT" directed by Karen Winther, who has similar experiences behind her. Meanwhile, the German "Lord of the Toys" makes audiences aware of how extreme ideologies permeate minds in the age of the pervasive dictate of the number of views.