The Tipping Point. Energy aNew

82' 2017 Poland director: Łukasz Bluszcz cinematography: Maciej Grubiak, Paweł Banasiak, Paweł Flis, Keith Partridge, Tomasz Suski editing: Piotr Chomczyk, Marek Kucharski production: Vision House

The first Polish full-length documentary on the subject of climate change addresses issues that are important to the world from our local perspective. What are the challenges facing a region where coal has been the main source of energy for years? How can we fight smog effectively? Is it still possible to limit the temperature increase to a level that will delay the spectre of a global environmental catastrophe? In Łukasz Bluszcz's film, experts and activists from Poland and Germany talk about the problems that are preventing the development of renewable energy sources and solutions that can stop a potential catastrophe.