When the war comes

76' 2018 Croatia, Czechia director: Jan Gebert cinematography: Lukáš Milota production: PINK, HBO Europe, Hulahop

In his debut film, Jan Gebert shows us the story behind the establishment of a right-wing paramilitary organization that unites young people "disappointed with democracy." The first "Slovak recruits" don't look very impressive: a dozen or so boys dressed in uniforms running through the forest, pretending to be an army. The situation quickly changes, however, and the film gains momentum. The organization, which bandies about xenophobic slogans and openly uses fascist symbols, is attracting more and more people, and its leader its starting to make clear that he has greater political ambitions. Foreign allies from Russia show up, and young people in uniform can be seen marching through the center of cities increasingly often. Little separates the "Slovak recruits" from becoming a real political force in the country.