The Broken Country

69' 2017 Spain director: Melissa Silva Franco cinematography: Manuel Barrios editing: Guillem Ayats Bartrina, Manel Sanchez production: Nephilim producciones

A Venezuela divided - supporters of the "Bolivarian revolution" versus activists, families of victims and political prisoners of the Maduro regime.

Scenarios involving contemporary crises of constitutional democracy are not always the same, nor are they always the work of the right wing. As a rule, however, they tend to be accompanied by the profound polarization of society. In Venezuela, the Supreme Court dissolved the parliament, and this—according to the opposition and the international community—institutional coup d'état of March-April 2017 triggered a wave of increased repression and violence on the streets. The hundreds of dead and injured, mass arrests and horrific poverty did not in the least discourage the hardline supporters of President Maduro and the "Bolivarian Revolution." In Melissa Silva Franco's film they have a voice on equal footing with the voices of activists protesting on the street and of the families of victims and political prisoners.

U-jazdowski Laboratorium
8.12 / 15:00
Muranów Cinema, Gerard room
11.12 / 17:15