Game Girls

82' 2018 France, Germany director: Alina Skrzeszewska cinematography: Alina Skrzeszewska editing: Emmanuelle Baude production: Films de Force Majeure, Blinker Filmproduktion

Teri and Tiahna are the eponymous game girls. They come from Skid Row in Los Angeles, an area known as America's homelessness capital. Tiahna is just getting out of prison. Alina Skrzeszewska's film is a chronicle of their turbulent relationship. Teri and Tiahna take part in art therapy workshops and use assistance from the city to escape homelessness and leave Skid Raw. Will they be able to break free from the circle of violence that has left its mark on their lives? The raw, unadorned nature of Skrzeszewska's observational film makes it that much more moving: this documentary love story never turns into a cliché. 

Muranów Cinema, Gerard room
8.12 / 16:00
U-jazdowski Kino
11.12 / 21:00
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