The Curse of Abundance

70' 2018 Poland director: Ewa Ewart cinematography: Mateusz Kruszelnicki, Maciej Grubiak editing: Robert Ciodyk production: Piotr i Sylwia Krupa, Krupa Gallery

Can we leave oil in the ground? The case of the Yasuní initiative.

Located on rich oil fields, the Yasuní National Park in Ecuador is one of the most biodiverse areas in the world and home to indigenous tribes that have not given up their traditional culture. Their leaders are the main protagonists in Ewa Ewart's film documenting the fate of the so-called Yasuní Initiatives, an Ecuadorian proposal to leave the oil in the ground in exchange for financial compensation from the international community. For the inhabitants of the Amazon jungle, further drilling literally means the end of the world, but the question of whether we have a chance to limit the exploitation of fossil fuels and prevent an environmental disaster concerns all of us.  

Kino Luna
12.12 / 18:00