National Diploma

92' 2014 France, Democratic Republic of the Congo director: Dieudo Hamadi cinematography: Dieudo Hamadi editing: Marie Balducchi production: Agat Films & Cie

How to pass your high school exams in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Dieudo Hamadi this time, examines his homeland through the prism of its education system. Up close, observing a group of high-school graduates preparing for the title diploma, which is treated as an entry pass to a career, Hamadi mercilessly, though with humor, exposes pervasive corruption, the incredible co-existence of science and folk magic, the inertia of state institutions and the endemic poverty, blocking the path to development. The title exam turns out to be a ritual of absurd colonial providence, and despite the light tone, and ecstatic ending, the film’s conclusions are hardly optimistic.

U-jazdowski Laboratorium
10.12 / 20:30