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Monday (10.12) 18th WATCH DOCS IFF

Human experiments, documentaries from Ukraine and the dark side of Kabul: we invite you to Monday's screenings and discussions at the 18th WATCH DOCS Human Rights in Film Festival.

Sunday (8.12) WATCH DOCS

Fake news and online propaganda, Poland after “the good change” and young activists fighting for a better future: we kindly invite you to Sunday's screenings and meetings at the 18th WATCH DOCS Human Rights in Film Festival.

Saturday (8.12) 18. MFF WATCH DOCS

Join us at WATCH DOCS on Saturday for the inauguration of the Helsinki Initiative, the premiere of the first full-length Polish documentary about medical marijuana and our 18th birthday!

Friday (7.12) 18th WATCH DOCS IFF

You are all invited to the first day of the 18th edition of the WATCH DOCS Human Rights in Film Festival. Screenings will take place at three locations in Warsaw: Muranów Cinema, U-jazdowski Cinema at the Ujazdowski Castle Center for Contemporary Art and Luna Cinema. Tickets are free of charge and can be picked up at cinema box offices.

Digital Stories Lab x WATCH DOCS Film Festival

Are you a film professional? Are you interested in digital storytelling tools? Join two StoryCode Warsaw meetings during the festival. Creators from Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia and Canada will talk about VR, AR, chatbots and mobile apps.