50' 2017 Poland director: Robert Kowalski cinematography: New Media Project, Mateusz Szlachtycz editing: Paweł Deliś production: OKO.press, Robert Kowalski

Bialowieza Forest. Here we are

The movement to protect the Białowieża Forest from logging is one of the most prominent social movements in Poland in recent years. A totally grassroots initiative that is not affiliated with any party or political movement, it is based on the simple principle of peaceful protest in defense of the Białowieża Forest, the last natural primeval forest in Europe. A space was thus created for people wanting to get directly involved in the protest against logging, the Camp for the Forest. Dramatic photographs and videos of activists blocking harvesters are appearing in the media. And we may see these people as anonymous heroes and we admire their courage, or we may lump them all together as "crazy tree-huggers." Robert Kowalski's film paints portraits of several of them—portraits that are both varied and complex.

Marta Szuchnicka

Galeria DOBRO
19.10 / 18:00

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