105' 2017 Czech Republic, Slovakia, Denmark, UK director: Vit Klusák cinematography: Adam Kruliš editing: Jana Vlčková production: Hypermarket Films, ČT

The White World According to Daliborek

Dalibor K. is a manual worker around 40 years of age who lives with his mother Vĕra in an apartment block in a small Moravian town, where he enjoys making amateur parodies of horrors and angry songs that he shares on the Internet. He is also a neo-Nazi. He is timidly dating a girl named Jana and is unable to forgive his mother for bringing home a new partner, who soon gets in his good graces, however, by making more and more outlandish xenophobic remarks. Klusák's documentary tragicomedy is scathingly absurd, filled with disturbing black humor and constantly escalating tension, but what is most striking is how those around Dalibor react to his views. Although fear and frustration are undoubtedly at the source of the fascist sympathies of the film's protagonists—"ordinary, decent people"—attention is drawn to the ubiquitous pop culture trash that has become their natural environment.

Maciej Nowicki

Muranów Cinema, Gerard room
9.12 / 21:00
Muzeum POLIN
11.12 / 20:45
2017 IDFA
2017 Karlovy Vary
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