72' 2017 Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina director: Biljana Tutorov cinematography: Orfea Skutelis editing: Thomas Ernst, Ana Lagator, Nataša Pantić production: Wake Up Films

When Pigs Come

What if the president of your country were the former head of propaganda of the communist dignitary responsible for provoking the greatest European war of the last half a century? What if his party were about to take power in upcoming early elections, with turnout oscillating at around 50 percent, and if he had converted from a national communist into a businessman—a beneficiary of the political changes—and a Euro-enthusiast? What if state television were constantly feeding you propaganda of success, and independent media were disappearing in unexplained circumstances? The protagonist in Biljana Tutorov’s film, Dragoslava, has lived in five countries despite the fact that she has barely left her home in the last few decades. Although she feels old and is in ill health, she knows that democracy can only be defended through action. That’s why she’s traveling to the capital one more time to demonstrate in defense of independent media with a whistle that has already dethroned one dictator.

Konrad Wirkowski

Muranów Cinema, Gerard room
12.12 / 17:30
2017 Sarajevo FF
EDN Talent Grant


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