87' 2017 UK, Norway, Kenya director: Julia Dahr, Kisilu Musya cinematography: Julie Lude Lillesaeter editing: Adam Thomas production: Banyak Films, Differ Media

Thank You for the Rain

The emotional and engaging story of a private (and surprisingly effective) battle with the effects of global warming and the friendship that developed during work on the film between the young Norwegian director, Julia Dahr, and Kenyan farmer and activist Kisilu Musya. The film documents the five-year period starting from when the main protagonists first met, and one of the film's strongest points is that it is narrated and filmed not only by the director but also by the main character, Kisilu, and his wife, Christina. This multitude of perspectives tell a fascinating story of how the fight against the impact of global warming looks at the most basic level, in the poor, disadvantaged countries that are most affected by climate change. Kisilu puts all his energy into working with groups of local Kenyan farmers, educating them and encouraging them to plant trees. Through his charisma, enthusiasm and faith in the sense of his undertaking, he makes it all the way to the Paris Summit. The best part of the story, however, is the subtle interweaving of the film's two main themes: the fight against climate change and the power of friendship.

Józefina Bartyzel

U-jazdowski Laboratorium
14.12 / 20:30
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