83' 2017 USA, India director: Vaishali Sinha cinematography: Anup Singh editing: Myles Kane, Ashish Ravinran production: Coast to Coast Films

Ask the Sexpert

"My wife has a strange habit of urinating a little in the tea that she serves to guests. She says it gives her a kick. Is it safe to continue doing this?" This is one of the strangest questions India's 93-year-old answer to Masters and Johnson has ever been asked. "People think that I have made up all these questions. I couldn’t even think of the number of things they’ve thought about," says Dr. Watsa, the eponymous sexpert. The film's protagonist is an elegant, older gentleman with a sense of humor, progressive views and modern knowledge. He began his educational activities during his 40-year career as a gynecologist. In addition to a column in a daily newspaper, he sees patients as part of sexology consultations, answers questions online, takes phone calls and appears on television and at conferences. He is helped by an assistant, who also runs classes in schools, but all this remains nothing more than a drop in a sea of needs—not to mention the constant struggle with taboos and protests. That's why Dr. Watsa won't let himself retire and is trying to leave as much behind as he can. Vaishala Sinha's documentary is a wonderful portrait of the Indian father of sex education and a tribute to his titanic work.

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