93' 2017 Finland director: Elina Hirvonen cinematography: Jarkko Virtanen editing: Timo Peltola production: Mouka Filmi

Boiling Point

Although there aren’t that many migrants arriving in Finland, the country's right-wing extremists have been sounding the alarm and throwing around terms such as "Islamization" and "terrorism." There have been racist incidents in city centers, and the Soldiers of Odin and True Finns have organized marches where they have carried torches and called for the closure of borders and the expulsion of migrants. Liberals, on the other hand, have been holding counterdemonstrations. Insults fly and confrontation seems inevitable. All of this may sound familiar: not only in Poland but in most European countries, the polarization of society and the rise of xenophobia are paving the way for populists who have ready answers to every question. But despite its dark tone, Eline Hirvonen's film offers a glimmer of hope: there is still room for a conversation. Even a heated nighttime exchange between a black activist and skinheads ends with a handshake, and a conservative and liberal, despite their different worldviews, continue to meet for their weekly chat at a sauna. 

Konrad Wirkowski

U-jazdowski Kino
10.12 / 20:15
U-jazdowski Edukacyjna
11.12 / 18:00
2017 BIFF
2017 CPH:DOX
2017 One World Prague


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