73' 2017 Israel director: Daniel Sivan cinematography: Ulcan, Daniel Sivan editing: Daniel Sivan, Mor Loushy, Yosef Grunfeld production: TTV Productions

The Patriot

Despite going on trial for hate speech and praising terrorism, anti-Semitic political activists like comedian Dieudonné and journalist Alain Soral stopped trying to camouflage their neo-Nazi sympathies long ago. A rising wave of anti-Semitism in France provides them with a steady stream of sympathizers, and the Internet enables easy communication with them. However, he who fights with the Internet... Just like in Tarantino's film, a Jewish avenger appears in the form of a Zionist cyberwarrior, a hacker named Ulcan. Ulcan not only mercilessly outs "decent citizens,” who enjoy themselves at Dieudonné's performances, he also starts harassing his opponents by sending the police after them in the middle of the night to chase down false alarms ("I just killed my wife, I'm armed"). Using increasingly cruel methods, he also goes after their loved ones. Daniel Sivan's dark story of extremism and revenge in the digital age is also one of the most fascinating recent documentaries about the limits of the freedom of speech.

Maciej Nowicki

Muranów Cinema, Zbyszek room
9.12 / 18:00
Kino Elektronik
10.12 / 18:00
2017 Doc Aviv


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