70' 2016 Czech Republic director: Adéla Komrzý cinematography: Adéla Komrzý, Filip Marek, Stanislav Adam editing: Mariana Kozáková production: Česká televize

Czech Journal: Teaching War

This brilliant documentary grotesque about the returning specter of militarism comes from the homeland of the Good Soldier Švejk. In her graduation film, talented young director Adéla Komrzý presents an overview of the preparations under way in Czech society for another great war. Russia's imperial politics and international terrorism have created a sense of being under threat, which has been fomented by the media. In this atmosphere, the army, the arms industry and self-defense combat groups are finding fertile ground for their message and are occupying a greater share of public space. Defense classes—right out of the communist past—are returning to schools in the form of propaganda lessons taught by real soldiers who praise modern weapons. And all of this weaponized PR passes before the viewers of Komrzý's documentary like a kind of military parade. It is quite effective, especially among those recipients who like to play war after school. 

Maciej Nowicki

Muranów Cinema, Gerard room
12.12 / 16:00
U-jazdowski Kino
9.12 / 16:00
2016 Jihlava IDFF
2017 One World Prague


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