96' 2017 Chile director: Lizzette Orozco cinematography: Julio Zúñiga, Daniela Ibaceta, Brian Martínez editing: Melisa Miranda production: Salmón Producciones, Storyboard Media

Adriana’s Pact

“Adriana's Pact” is a harrowing family drama with a dark history lurking in the background. The Chilean director begins her film investigation with an attempt to clear her aunt, who is arrested at the airport and accused of having belonged to DINA, the notorious political police from the era of the Pinochet dictatorship. Not trusting revelations in the press, Orozco tries to break the conspiracy of silence surrounding the murky past of her Aunt Adriana. Her former associates are stubbornly silent, realizing that disclosing secrets from the past could harm them as well. Not remaining silent, however, are the victims themselves. Archival footage of her aunt alongside notorious torturers also helps in uncovering the truth. Did her beloved aunt, a woman who showers her family with presents, tortured and murdered opposition activists? Were her closest family members really unaware of what she was doing? The first-time director builds drama in a very skillful manner, creating a moving, personal story about guilt, punishment and memory.

Konrad Wirkowski


Muranów Cinema, Gerard room
9.12 / 14:00
Muranów Cinema, Gerard room
14.12 / 16:30
2017 Berlinale
Winner: Peace Film Award
Jury Special Mention
2017 BFI London FF
2017 Krakow IFF
Silver Horn Award
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