During this year's edition of WATCH DOCS, viewers will have an opportunity to see more than 60 documentaries, as well as attend debates, meetings and workshops. Two thematic retrospectives will form an important part of the festival. The first one, "Lawyer in the Spotlight: Documentary Edition," is organized in cooperation with the Polish Bar Council.

This is a documentary continuation of the feature-film reviews held in previous years at cinema Muranów. The program comprises six documentary films, including Dawn Porter's Gideon's Army, about American public defenders, and Karin Jurshick's Playing God, a penetrating portrait of Kenneth Feinberg that enables us to see what the world looks like from atop the legal hierarchy.   

Lawyer in the Spotlight: Documentary Edition will open with a debate co-organized by the Polish Bar Council and the American Bar Association entitled "A Lawyer in the Face of Lawlessness" (8 December 2017 at cinema Muranów). Participants will include William Meyer from the American Bar Association; Prof. Ewa Łętowska, a retired judge from Poland's constitutional court and a member of the Polish Academy of Sciences; Jakub Wende, a member of the Polish Bar Council, and Sylwia Gregorczyk-Abram, the winner of this year's Prawnik Pro Bono (Pro Bono Lawyer) award.

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What's more, we are pleased to announce that, as part of the festival's industry event Future Docs, the Polish Bar Council will be awarding the NRA FUTURE DOCS AWARD, with a financial prize in the amount of PLN 15,000, for the development of the best film project related to the work of lawyers in defense of human rights.

Review organizers: Polish Bar Council, WATCH DOCS. Human Rights in Film International Film Festival.

Review partners: Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights, Legalna Kultura (Legal Culture, Młoda Palestra (Young Bar Association), the Polish Bar Association's Public Image and Legal Protection Committee, CH Beck, ELSA Poland.

Review media sponsors: Dziennik Gazeta Prawna, Rzeczpospolita.



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