Interactive screenings to open 17th WATCH DOCS

Come join us on the opening night of WATCH DOCS on December 7 and immerse yourself in stories that have captured media audiences around the world. Interactive screenings – organised also on the following day, December 8 – will allow introduce you to the future of documentary genre.

LAWYER IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Documentary edition

During this year's edition of WATCH DOCS, viewers will have an opportunity to see more than 60 documentaries, as well as attend debates, meetings and workshops. Two thematic retrospectives will form an important part of the festival. The first one, "Lawyer in the Spotlight: Documentary Edition," is organized in cooperation with the Polish Bar Council.

17th WATCH DOCS lineup revealed!

Two weeks before the opening of the festival, we present this year’s WATCH DOCS lineup. After the weekend, we will publish the hourly schedule and descriptions of all films featured in the program.


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